Colourful Birds Dazzled by Nature

Welcome to the first NinetyNine hotels in Germany. Welcome to a new world of hotels that may be a bit more colourful, cheerful, and unusual than what you are used to. Leave the urban jungle behind and enjoy our green oasis in the city, where you can recharge your batteries.

NinetyNine Bowl Bar

You just want to relax, or fancy a good drink or a healthy bowl of something? The bar food concept of all NinetyNine Hotels grants you a small but delicious offering that will make it easy for you to decide.

Would you like to explore the city with its manifold possibilities, or would you like to have a bite to eat and let the day wind down in our Bowl-Bar? Our bowls will be prepared according to your taste. Our Minimarket also offers you various small items for snacking on the go.

Wall of Friends

  • Hyundai

    Our partner in all things mobility. Sustainability is important to us. We are happy to show you the advantages of e-vehicles.

  • BEEsharing

    Have you already discovered our bee hotel?

  • Stadtflotte

    With our e-bikes for rent, you can explore the city in a sustainable way. We will give you tips for a city tour. More information is available at the reception.

  • Stop the water...

    ...while using me. Just turn off the water! The products from our partners remind you to stay environmentally friendly. Every drop is precious.

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Everywhere for you soon

The NinetyNine Hotel world is young and growing. Heidelberg is the first open house; Wuppertal is following mid July, and Munich in the autumn of 2019. We'll keep you up to date as the colourful map of NinetyNine Hotels expands. The following cities will soon be ready: Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Osnabrück. We look forward to your visit.