Minimalism for Beginners

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Free your mind

In modern society, living conscious and without any baggage turns out to be more than difficult. Everyone rushes through life full of thoughts about work and connected deadlines we have to stick to. Or about the last fight with someone we call a friend, but objectively only affects us negatively and therefore, should be cut out of our life. We come home and even then, we are not able to relax.

To sum it up, we have collected a material abundance, unnecessary duties and negative relationships. We put ourselves under pressure to finish a presentation for next week’s meeting, because otherwise we won’t have enough time in our busy schedule. And having no time is the catchphrase here.

It is not true that we do not have time, especially for ourselves. Start with small changes, even the most inconspicuous things in your day to day life and thus changing your life in a positive way. Above all, you should spend the time for yourself. It is as simply as it sounds: just take your time! Try to live minimalistic. If you do it right, you not only free your mind and environment, but gain structure in your life.

Minimising clutter

There are many ways to define minimalism. Some may say, you have to become one with yourself and your environment. Others say that you have to concentrate on the really important things in life, like health, relationships and friends, passion and self-realization. In general, minimalism means the conscious limitation on an absolute necessity. A few bloggers even published their personal “abc of minimalism”. Christof Herrmann for example states, that in his point of view minimalism starts with working and consuming less, in order to realize his dreams.

He goes further by writing, that daily walks in nature and decluttering of our mind and soul are very important factors. Moreover, is he of the opinion, that experiences come over possessions, meaning it is better to do something than to have it. His last two points are about yoga and meditation and that these exercises are the foundation of a minimalistic life. Finally, he asserts that time is the gold of the 21st Century.

How to live a minimalist life?

All of this sounds good and makes sense, but you have got no clue how to start living minimalistic? No problem, we have collected a few tips to slowly introduce in your everyday life:

1. Start your day without your phone: Be honest, are you using your mobile phone as an alarm clock? And in the morning, after your phone rang, are you checking your mails and social media accounts? This habit alone should be eliminated. Nowadays, people are way too dependent on their smartphones. Try to use an old-school alarm clock and take your time to really wake up. Create new rituals and have your breakfast without any distractions. Visualize your day, meditate or think about last night’s dream. All of this will bring you mental calmness.

2. No television for a week: After an exhausting day you normally turn on the TV in order to relax? There are so many other great ways to calm yourself down. It may help if you take a walk in nature on your own, to combat any thoughts concerning how stressful the day was. You could also grab a book and read something or take a refreshing bath. As long as you avoid technical devices, you are good.

3. Sorting out unnecessary things: It starts with unsubscribing annoying E-mail newsletters which you do not even read. Furthermore, it will help to sort out decorations, since it will not only provide you with more space at home, but will also create clarity in your mind. When deciding if you keep something or not, take a moment and take the item in your hands. If it triggers positive feelings or memories, keep it. If you feel nothing it is a sign that you can throw it away. You do not have to have a guilty conscious if you got the item from someone else. Just remind yourself that we all change and therefore not all things have to fit us in every circumstance in life.

Overall, living a minimalistic life is advantageous in all ways. Minimalism induces you to clear out your home, while helping you to focus on the essentials and separate yourself from redundant things. First of all, thanks to minimalism you will have got more money, since you take a moment to think before you buy something you do not necessarily need. Secondly, you will get happier, for the fact that you have got fewer possessions and thus having to worry less about them.

Certainly you collect more experiences and memories contributing to your happiness. Obviously you will live healthier, because you take a walk more often, resulting in better sleep again resulting in a stronger immune system. In the end you will even save time, as you have got more space at home, hence you are more organized than before. Structure is key. And the key is minimalism.

Everywhere for you soon

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