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Musik to calm down the mind

Music as therapy! It is not without reason that a playlist on Spotify that caters for break ups or rainy days. We’ve all been there were a song has got you in the mood to jump up and dance, or cry furiously. But music doesn’t only affect your mood! Listening to a specific song can also take you back to memory lane. Reviving specific moments, like the song you danced to with your high school crush, or a playlist you listened on a road trip. Research suggested that it can also alter the way we take or keep memory and stimulate new neural connections. That’s because it can influence different parts of your brain, which also increases the “Happy hormones” and therefore also acts as a good stress relief. What works even better than listening to music, is creating your own. Similarly, to physical exercise and gaining muscles, it’s just like exercise for the brain. The more you practice, the stronger your cognitive functions.

Let’s take learning to play a piano for example, which is by miles much more fun than solving a mathematical equation -at least for most of us. A published psychology paper for instance, suggested that learning an instrument such as piano makes you use both sides of your brain, strengthen memory power as well as literacy and motor skills. Obviously it’s not a skill to learn overnight, but the use of discipline and focus alone makes learning to play a new instrument a rewarding and meditational process.

Music as way to lift the mood

While playing music can strengthen brain power, it can also be beneficial in a therapeutic way. As suggested in a report from Koger, dementia patients suddenly revived memories from years ago.

Let’s look at the research made by Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI), who tried to use music to treat people with dementia. While often suffering from mood swings, depression and anxiety, BUDI’s tried to place a small group of dementia patients into a unique orchestra.

According to the research, the patients showed a significant improvement, a boost in mood and self-confidence and an overall better quality of life. On top, they improved their communication skills, which reflects the incredible power it has playing an instrument, especially when playing with a group.

Cows increase their milk production when Mozart’s sonata is played in the background.
Fun Fact

Music brings people together, friendships or even create a small community... As Anthea Innes, Ph.D head of BUDI mentioned in a press release before “Music touches everyone in some way, either by listening or playing”.

Music lifts the mood, is a great stress reliever and benefits the mind. Enhancing emotions, helping to regain memories and so forth. So let your creative juices flow and release your inner artist, because music offers endless smiles and good vibrations! How about a few tunes on our yellow piano?

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