Fitness for a healthy body and mind

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More energie, endurance and increased well-being through sports

Fitness. What does it even mean? If the first thing you are thinking of are gyms and all those powerlifters and bodybuilders, you are just at the top of the matter. Fitness is way more than just lifting weights, drinking protein shakes and taking lots of supplements.The word itself describes the current state of your body regarding strength, endurance and speed. In order to obtain and improve those motoric skills you can do regular fitness training sessions, which also increases your wellbeing. Also, doing fitness helps preventing illnesses, strengthens the heart circulation system and supports muscle building.

But how do you get fitter without hitting the gym every day? And what happens with your body whilst doing fitness? Don’t worry, we, the NinetyNine team got your back and are happy to give you an understanding of how important fitness really is.

Exercise promotes concentration

Generally speaking, there are two types of being fit. If your five basic motoric skills, naming stamina, strength, speed, mobility and coordination, are well-balanced, you are physically fit. And if you have a balanced diet, can concentrate and relax easily and sleep deeply you are mentally fit. Ideally, fitness should be achieved through little everyday trivialities and be optimized with targeted training. At least 30 minutes per day or not more than 4-5 hours per week are necessary to maintain fit.

There are even studies saying that fitness increases productivity and experts assuming that our brain can get bigger through fitness. Other advantages of fitness are that your circulation maintain in full swing and that it assists our concentration which further lifts our mood. It is also said that active people are less fragile of getting depressions. Especially for older people, doing fitness is advantageous.

If you get older your motoric skills slowly reduce and fitness is preventing such process. The sense of balance is being trained, muscles are getting smeared and stabilized and in general the control over your body gets better. With all that in mind, fitness can protect older people from easily tumbling. It also has anti-ageing effect, since fitness is encouraging our blood flow which lets our skin appear younger.

Active and Contemplative Mediation

There are two types of meditation: contemplative and active meditation. The former one is where you do not move and dwell in the same position, which is why it is also called passive meditation. This includes techniques like Vipassana, Zazen, Samatha and the modern mindfulness exercises. The second one is where you perform physical exercises or even are using your voice. This comprised Yoga, Tantra, reciting prayers or mantras and a couple of martial art styles. The essential pivotal of meditation in general is to concentrate and bundle up attention.

Getting fit without the gym

But how can you get fit without having to go to the gym? How do you integrate fitness in your daily life? Here are three basic tips:

  1. Find your right time of the day: Some people are morning persons some people are more active in the evening. Do at least some stretches on a daily basis and try to find your time, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Maybe some Yoga in our NinetyNine gym?
  2. Pay attention to trivialities: Take the stairs instead of the elevators and escalators. Try to walk 10.000 steps per day, maybe through daily walks in the park. And last but not least take the bike instead of your car or public transportations.
  3. Eat clean: They say there is a reason why we say you are what you eat. If you are constantly eating too fatty and in general unhealthy you will also feel a certain way. Worn out, tired and lacking in concentration. That’s not to say that you aren’t allowed a pizza anymore, but try and keep a balanced diet and your body will thank you. At our NinetyNine Bowl Bar we serve you all the necessary vitamins to keep you fit.

Everywhere for you soon

In the few months since the opening of the first oases in Germany, the new brand NinetyNine Hotels has been a true success with our guests. We are delighted with the above-average ratings, which at the same time are an obligation for us. And new openings are coming up. Look forward with us to new citites coming soon. Our map is starting to look more and more colourful...

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